Hey Emoji-crew, welcome back to the channel where everything is liiiit🤣🤣😛🔥🔥🔥!!

Now, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a couple years. That’s because I got into a bit of trouble with the law.

It all started when I (27M) was walking by a daycare in my city. As I was looking through the gate of the daycare, I walked into a lamp post , as I was too absorbed in my current activity.

This is where it all when wrong😱😱.

So as I bumped into the lamp post, i fell backwards onto my ass. My pants somehow came down around my knees and my fully erect penis came out (all the blood rushed from my legs to my penis as I fell, making it erect) and due to the force of inaction my head also came down. The result was that my penis got stuck down my throat. I could not get it out, even after trying to pull it out (which made me harder) so I did the only thing possible. I had to get it lubed up so I had to go down on myself👅🍆. As people watched , obviously amazed , they (for some reason) called the cops. At this point I was ln the verge of nutting, and by the time the cops came, thats what I had done🤤🤤. The nut was amazing, it tasted good, though a little bitter so I would give it a 4/5.

Anyway, the cops for some reason arrested me and took me to jail. I think the people at the scene were all haters, as the told the cops that “I had sneaked onto daycare property and started masturbating and sucking my own dick” but you, the Emoji crew would know I would NEVER do that.

At the trial the judge said that she thought “I would have learned since last time” and that she knew because “the anklet you ard wearing shows your position”. I think that this is insane, untruthful and that she was also a hater.

So anyway, I got 6 years in prison and was forced to work otherwise my cellmate would rape me.

That’s my story, and now I have to tell people that I’m a sex offender (like wtf?)

I’ll see you in the next video emoji crew, so see ya later and remember
“If she’s old enough to pee, she’s old enough for me “

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